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Amora Depth - Shark Girl by Jonny2211197
Amora Depth - Shark Girl
"Hewwo! Welcome to my ocean!"

Shark girls are truly beautiful! Until they decide you're a snack o.o
Akumu - Corrupted Soul by Jonny2211197
Akumu - Corrupted Soul
"Come play in the dark with me.."

It has been awhile since I've actually posted on here :o Guess I'm back to make up for it. Note, I do have more drawings to post though ^•^ This one is currently one of my favorite non-furry ones. (Akumu means Fear in Japanese c:)
Laggy (R63) by Jonny2211197
Laggy (R63)
Lagger: "This is what happens when chu turn me into a girl and I go to the beach =w="
Kumiko: " /)^.^(\ Cute!"
Lagger Shirtless by Jonny2211197
Lagger Shirtless
"I am no longer a pup, but just a young wolf coming out of puberty." ~ Lagger

Decided to practice a bit of male anatomy and I came up with this c:
Mew Mew Bikini  Beach Kitty by Jonny2211197
Mew Mew Bikini Beach Kitty
"Who doesn't like beach kitties?" ~ Anonymous

Been practicing a bit of poses. Thought I'd share one of my most recent ones. This is actually an redrawing of an older picture I drew around in early 2013 c:
Name: Lagger Re'wanz

: Wolf [Anthro]

: Male

: 17 [Ageless] - (He can live forever without the fear of growing old and dying, but can easily die like any other being/character.)

: A dark-grey wolf with black spiky hair, tall perky ears, pale green eyes, and black bandanna wrapped around his neck. Wears a green and black hoodie with his nickname, "Lags", imprinted on the front in black lettering on the front. A long grey tail either wags or droops from behind him depending on mood. Normally wears baggy pants or shorts with black sneakers. Also has black, tribal, markings on his cheeks.

: Lagger was originally born millenniums ago during the time when Gods were more "present" during the times of need. His mother, Dignity, and his father, Lance, had began raising him when he was a mere pup, but eventually the time for war had sprouted about. Matrina, the new Goddess of Chaos had waged war against the Immortals that lived within the city of ancient Metro. Lagger's father then went off to challenge Matrina to a duel to stop further bloodshed, leaving little Lagger to be cared by his mother. His father battled fiercely against the vicious Matrina within her realm, but he proved no match to her. 

Dignity found this out and left her son with her mother, Honesty, to aid Lance in battle against Matrina. She knew that there was absolutely no way to defeat her, but if she did know that if she sacrificed herself, she could bring the war to an end. This sacrifice came at a cost which included throwing the Gods' powers out of balance; therefore, letting them have to withdraw their power from the actions of Immortals and innocent people still living during those times. Dignity went ahead with her decision and was slain by Matrina, who proceeded to steal her soul through her 'Soulstealer' blade.

The war had then left Lagger without his mother and father to raise him as he grew older. His grandmother raised him with the best of her ability, teaching him the ways of the Gods, the world, and his hidden power reserves. Over time, Lagger had gained new friends and had gone on multiple adventures; some which were possibly life threatening as well. Since he turned 17, Lagger has ventured to multiple dimensions to escape his past and create his new future and life.

Personality: Lagger is normally friendly and neutral towards the people he socializes with and enjoys spending time with them. When provoked or when facing enemies, his pale green eyes with brighten and a dark-green aura will surround his body. His aura and eyes can also change into a blood red, pure black, or bright purple depending on his state towards corruption (state when his body begins breaking down into just raw energy; thus, resulting in death if uncontrolled).

Weaknesses: A swift blow to the ancient marking, (seal), upon his back that can weaken and kill him easily or any strike to the heart can easily do him in. His corruption state can also kill him if it progresses over his limits, but discretion is advised due to him becoming wickedly powerful during his states of corruption. Any chaos energy absorption by him can cause his body to become weakened and paralyzed for a certain period of time, leaving his opponent to quickly end him before he recovers and adjusts to the new energy. Since he uses darkness energy to aid him in battle, light energy can prove to be lethal towards him as well.

Weapons: Lagger uses mystical dual blades which are enhanced with corruption energy, making them extremely lethal against tough armor or shields. He also carries gun-blades that are enhanced with only darkness energy that are used to penetrate targets that he can't necessarily fight up close at times. He can also do hand-to-hand combat as well, but prefers using his dual blades over anything else.

Abilities: Lagger is a trained fighter and uses darkness energy to aid him in battle against those he face. He has the ability to fly and teleportto different locations with ease, but can only travel a few feet at time with rapid succession without putting duress on the user. He is very durable when it comes to fighting and has heightened senses including: eyesight, hearing, and smell. He also has the ability to go into states of corruption, which are color coded: Red, Black and Purple (eyes and aura), but only uses this only as a last resort.

Class: In-Betweener 

[I have read the rules and I agree with them.]


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hi, I'm Lagger! I do a bit of drawing and writing as well. You see this puppy picture right above this bio? That wasn't drawn by me; however, it was drawn by a close friend of mine (WindSong83). I'm a grey wolf pup that LOVES cookies! I also love roleplaying! If you wanna roleplay with me, just ask! Don't be shy! I don't bite.... much.... I like nibbling things ^^;

[P.S. If you start lagging on your computer or so; it TOTALLY wasn't me.]

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